Importance of Bees In Nature

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bee in a flower

The wonder and importance of Bees in our world is something we should all take note of. To pollinate our crops Bees are transported to various farms. Mother nature needs bees for the reproduction of flowing plants. Bees can be found all over the world with the exception of very cold areas like Antartica. These flying vegetarians collect nectar and pollen as food.

You will find bees in mythology, from ancient Egyptian temples and also in literature. One example is Bisu, also spelled Bes, a deity from ancient Egyptian times, who was also known as a god of war. This god was worshipped by many mothers as a household protector of children.

I’m always fascinated when a bee enters into my house. Their quite beautiful and mysterious, they only sting if they feel they are being attacked. Strongly linked to ants and wasps, most of them have hairy hard bodies. Bees interest and need in life is an appropriate location to nest, and food to give them selves as well as their young.

We would not have much to eat if bees did not exist, a great food such as almonds, for example are totally reliant on bees for pollination. Most bees appear fuzzy simply because they’ve got a thick fur of customized branched, typically feathery, hair. Yellow-Faced Bumble Bees have yellow-colored hair on the head and facial area as well as a sole yellow-colored band on their belly.

Bees are truly a value to vegetables and fruit crops, our food is something we need and bees contribute largely to this fact. Vibrant colors like yellow, blue, and purple is mostly attractive to bees. Shallow or level blooms, like Queen Anne’s lace and daisies are some of their favorites to savor. Bees do a sort of dance, this dance is called
a waggle dance, it signifies the position of the food items origin relative to the sunlight. The direction that the bee switches into, general to top to bottom, symbolizes the perspective to the flowers position in the sunlight outside the house the hive.

Modern beekeepers need to fully grasp the normal instincts of the honeybee in order to assist in an natural environment to increase the productiveness of the colony. Honeybees are sociable insects and therefore the beekeeper should handle honeybee hives differently then individual bees. There is many techniques beekeepers practice to make sure every colony is healthy, and strong

Many modern beekeepers may use a full bee suit with a bee brush, and gloves. The usual bee hive is made of 1-2 brood chambers, 1 bottom board, one telescoping cover, one inner cover, and one queen excluder (to block the queen from relocating to the other chamber).
Tools used to with honeybee colonies may be a bee veil, smoker, and hive tool.

Bees are complex and come in many different species, but the most important thing to keep in mind about bees, is the fact that they are so needed when it comes to our food and our environment.


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