Prepare Your Home For The Weather

Seasonal Maintenance Calendar

For easy living coming up with maintenance, the calendar will help in taking care of the maintenance budget. Every state of weather condition projects certain maintenance procedures. For all the seasons the maintenance calendar will help the homeowner survive well in Arizona without incurring extra costs from the maintenance budget. The maintenance budget should include the change of seasons as a great factor of consideration. Every season calls for particular maintenance requirements.

Preparing your home for winter


Winter is the cold weather which calls for precautions for example regular checking of ice dams. Development of ice dams in the house is risky for the building and for people living with them. Winter is the right to do interior house repair, for example, adding shelves or painting.


The hot weather calls for cleaning and repairing the windows as at that time insects are active, and their breeding rate is high. Any broken cracks should be repaired to prevent the pests from breeding in the area. Summer is the time to clean floors, garage, basement and the doors. With the weather, they dry out easily.

Preparing your home for seasonal weather


Plants grow well in this time of the year. Hence, there is a need to mow the backyard and clear unwanted bushes that might extend their roots to the foundation of the house. This is the time to consult with a few professional Phoenix roofing contractors to inspect any occurrence some roof damage.


Autumn is the time to repair the heating system. This is to make it ready for house warmth during winter.
As much as the factors may be scary for a new homeowner, keeping a maintenance calendar will make it easy for them.