Roots Rock Waterhouse

Roots Rock Waterhouse

Reggae gives meaning and pleasure to life. It encourages us to understand our own place in this ‘story’ and helps us to challenge established social and political conventions. We believe strongly that this genre is not just about entertainment; reggae should also be used for the mobilization of communities around social problems. In this regard, we salute the ‘singers and players of instruments’…the people of Waterhouse for their contribution to the development of Jamaica’s popular culture. 

We are an ‘edutainment’ services corporation that license, market and promotes reggae. We also cater to individuals seeking to investigate the socio-cultural environment which influences the production and performance of reggae. We also book a Kingston-based sound system for dancehall events and facilitate vacationers interested in experiencing Rasta hospitality & tourism. 

Friends of Jamaica, we welcome your support: promoting your music; planning your vacation, and/or study in the land of roots, rock, reggae. 

A percentage from our service fee and your purchase at our online music store will be used to support construction of the Technology Center @ Balcombe Drive, Kingston 11. Donations of up to date hardware/software and technical support are also accepted. 

We use reggae ‘musiking’ to liberate subordinated communities and encourgae the unification of all cultures. Out of Many, We a One!